Thursday, February 14, 2013

Technical Trumps Fundamentals in ENOC

ENOC popped today after negative Earnings.  How can that be?  This company had a net loss was $25.8 million, or $0.76 per share.  I sold in the morning pop after holding for a few days.  I saw the consolidation run and felt that it could pop after earnings news.  Looking at the chart it had pop one month ago and has been consolidating until today!  It was classic technical action, even though the fundamentals stink, it really doesn't matter when people want to own the stock or want to cover a short position.  When looking for a stock to buy, it best to look for this classic chart pattern.  The collapsing Bollinger bands is also another great indicator of a big moving is about to happen.

YY finally popped today after consolidating for a few months.  This was one of my first stocks I purchased on Jan 3rd.  I had to wait longer than I wanted to, but it was worth it.  I sold for a nice gain.  It could have been more, but I'm not complaining, since any profit is better than a loss.

I scalped a short trade with GNRC.  It was already bottoming out, so took some quick profits.  Should have waited until the end of the session, since it sank even further, but again any gain is better than a loss.

Still holding 17.50 SCTY puts.  The stock popped back up over $18.50, so the options should expire worthless for a nice gain for 3 days of insuring a stock!

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