Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Grind and my Aces finally cracked!

Another grinding session Saturday night.  The night started out great!  Within two hours I was up to over $600 in front of me and was the chip stack leader.  I made up all my losses from Friday night and then some.  I was averaging over $200/hr.  The table had some crazy Russian that I had never played with.  He reminded me of KGB from the movie "Rounders."  Well the Russian played pretty crazy and doubled me up.  He was chasing a flush and hit on the river.  Unfortunately, for him I had turned my set and the river paired the board to give me the boat!  

I should have left at that point, but was feeling good and continued to play.   It turned into bad beat city...  I started chasing flushes, because I had a ton of money in front of me.  That was a mistake! I think that was the start of me losing...  I lost with a set over set, I hit my set on the flop and he hit his set on the river.  In another hand, my Aces finally got cracked when I put a guy all-in with Kings and he hit is set on the River.  In a round of Omaha,  I lost to a set over set over set.

At the end of the night, I did make $85.  Not to bad considering 3 set over set losses... But I was up over $400..  It just makes you sick to think about it.. Overall, it was a profitable month and better then December, so I shouldn't complain.

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