Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Banking Ponzi System Solution

If the Mark To Market rules don't change then all the Banks will fail. None of the big banks have solvency if they have to continue to mark their assets to market. There IS NO MARKET!!! Banks are highly leveraged companies needing 10:1  - Assets:Capital or captial ratio.

Since by law (or regulation since Sarbanes Oxley was enacted) there Assets have to be marked down, then by law they have to be shut down, because they are below 10% capital ratio. Who says 10% is right. The Investment banks were at 40:1. The dirty little secret is that the financial crisis is all based on breaking this stupid rule, that really don't mean anything, because the banking system is really just a big Ponzi system, regulated by the government.

The government can not remove Mark to Market because then they would be admitting that in fact the crisis was really due to this 10% capital ratio regulation that they imposed and that the system is just a big Ponzi system. 

So the other answer is to just print money and pump it into the banks to make them solvent... Inflation... This is what most other countries do, but the USA has always avoided. But now with a liberal President and Congress, I think they will print there way out of this mess and kill our currency and savings accounts.

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