Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy night

It was a crazy night of poker.  I was up over $225 and then lost all of it until hitting a set of kings to bring me back up over $80.  I had a long streak of cold cards and it was killing me that I could not play.  

The action was crazy with 2 maniacs at the table.  Eric the fist manic doubled me up when I had pocket aces.  He called me down with top pair.  Later in the evening, Dean, the maniac lawyer shows up.  Dean has a predictable style, he first buys in for $100, 3 times and donkeys it off. He raises every hand and goes all in on any flush draw or straight draw.  After losing all his money he buys in for $500.  He continues to play that same and starts getting paid off with people making marginal calls to him.  This guy goes up $500 and then slowly loses it all and buys in for another $500.  At the end of the night, he rebuy over 6  times and his total losses is $4000.  The lesson here, is to not play like a maniac.  While this style of play does get callers, you end up losing everything at the end of the night.

Dean gave most of this money to Bill.  Bill was the chip stack leader with over $1500 in front of him.  Unfortunately, Bill loses his entire stack when he ran up against Jessica's pocket Kings to his pocket tens.  The flop was 744 and Bill goes all-in. Jessica had pre-flop raised $100 and Bill only calls.  A very strange play for him, but I think he wanted to give his money to Jessica.  He loves her attention and affection.  Bill can afford to lose the money and it means allot more to Jessica.  I told Jess that it couldn't have happen to a nicer person.  It was a tough call for her, but she made the call and doubled up.  Jessica ended up cashing out for over $3200.  Congratulations, I wish it was me...! 

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