Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday night grind

Another good night for me.  It was a long night and I didn't have many big hands until late.  I did crack Aces again.  I had AQ and flopped the nut straight.  Tony (a maniac player), new he was beat but called my short stack all-in after I checked raised him.  

Jay was nice enough to double me up with my AK hand.  I hit my King on the flop and he decided to call my over bet on the turn.  I think he was on a draw.

Then my big blind special.  I had 57 and flopped a boat, with a 575 flop.  I checked it and Jay bet $20.  Two other solid players called and I called.  The turn is a 6.  I check again and Jay bets $20.  A solid player re-raises to $60.  I decided to end the games and re-raise to $160.  Everyone folds to me and I take down the $170 pot.  The guy that raised to $60 said he had the nut straight, but knew he was beat if I was re-raising him.  He knows the tightest player in Austin doesn't re-riase a paired board without having a full house.  Good player and nice lay down!!!  I cash out a little bit later for $425.

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