Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday night at the new place...

My Friday night poker place has purchased a new house. No more gated apartments. It is actually a merger of three poker games into one. This makes sense to me instead of renting out 3 apartments, now they have one and a steady group of players to fill all the seats. Sometimes having 2 tables going on with Omaha High playing.

It was an average night for me. The night started out slow for me, losing a third of my stack playing Q10 again. Remind me to never play this hand again. It's the second time I loss a big hand to it. I hit two pair while the other guy had a higher two pair with AJ. It is just one of those hands that look good starting, but is really a crap hand like J10.

Big Slick Hand: After getting down to $100 I decided to gamble with AK. I was in late position and called a $7 raise after a few other callers. One short stack guy decided to go all in for $30. Another loose guy, "Tony" pushed all-in for $46. I normally don't like to gamble that much with AK pre-flop, but the odds were there for me and I was last to act so I called. They all missed and I hit my Ace on the river. Now I am back up to about $175.

Pocket Aces Hand: I am under the gun and look down at pocket Aces. I raise to $15. The guy to my left instant calls, and its a wave of callers after him. A total of 5 callers plus the straddler. The flop is 55Q. Not the flop I want with 6 players in the hand, but I have to bet out. I bet $75. The guy to my left folds and then Justin, new guy who has a game in San Marcos, re-raises me another $100. Everyone else folds. I smooth call. The turn is a 3 of hearts and now there is a flush draw possibility. I check and he goes all-in. I put him in AQ so I call with a Ace of heart redraw. The river is a brick and its showdown. He has pocket Aces also! We split a $650 pot and make about $50 each from the initial pre-flop raise.

Cracking Pocket Aces: I am on the button and look down at pocket nines. I raise to $12 and the small blind, Eric (the maniac) re-raises me to $30. I instant call, putting him on a big hand. He knows I play tight, so he wouldn't do that without the nuts. The flop comes K93. Eric bets out $25. I re-raise Eric to $75. Eric cant believe it. He says to me, "You are the tightest player..." I say to him, "Then it should be easy for you to fold.." Now, I know he has Aces. Since he is not afraid of the King on the board. He must think I have AK, because he pushes all-in for my remaining ~$100. I instant call him and he misses his 2 outer, he did have Aces. I double up to over $400 and leave after another hour of playing...

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