Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moving to Austin...

This week I started my new life.  I left everything behind in my house.  I packed only my essential things and loaded my car and drove down to Austin, Texas.  The drive was around 1400 miles from Grand Blanc, Michigan.  It took me 2 days to get there.  I really hate long drives, especially when I am driving. 

This drive didn't feel to bad.  The time went by very quickly.  I was really looking forward to starting a new life.  I have a new job, a new home, a new location and a new live in girl friend, Jennefer.

I meet Jennefer on MySpace.  I found her by searching for girls in the Austin, TX area.  I noticed her pretty picture and read her profile.  She said that she played poker, I was impressed!  I sent her an email telling her that I would be relocating to Austin and would like to find some games.  

In Michigan, there are plenty of home games, charity games and Casino games.  I found out during my interview that all Casinos are illegal in Texas and Poker is also not allowed.  Can you believe that?  Texas Hold'em is illegal in Texas?

Anyways, we exchanged some emails and then IM addresses and then phone numbers.  We spend hours on the phone.  I wasn't working so I could spend all night on the phone and we did.  We talked for hours over the past month.  Luckily, I have free nights and weekend.  When I checked my minutes it was well over 2000 hrs in the month of June. Wow!

We had allot in common.  Besides playing Poker, we both work in IT, were never married, Asian, the same age,  lived on our own at a young age and very dedicated to working hard.  Needless to say I was very excited about meeting her in person finally and getting on with my life.  I had been out of work for two months and trying to be a poker pro.  It was fun but I was staying up late and getting up even later.  It was like I was working 2nd shift.