Saturday, July 8, 2017

Austin Poker Places

Austin just open its 2nd Texas Card House in north Austin!  I played some poker at its South Austin location.  It was about a 35min drive for me.  The North location is only about 15min on Research Blvd and Anderson Mill.  So far, I have not lost a dime, except for the membership fee.  

The game play is against other players and there is no rake.  To enter the poker room, it costs $10/day and they charge $10/hr for use of the "club."  The place was started by a former State Legislative staffer who knew the letter of the law.  The place takes no "rake" from the pot and the dealers can not be tipped.  All the players have an equal opportunity to make money from each other.  The house can not legally make any money from the game play.  So far it seems like a formula for success!

As the success of Texas Card House has been.  Others have decided to join the game.  Round Rock has open a similar style room in June 2017, called Chisholm Trail Card Club.  They charge $5/day and $8/hr.  I played there once and it was round n round.  I had a very loose player to my right, so I cashed out pretty well.  First timers get free membership entry.  Call (512) 986-2137 for more details.

Pflugerville has also open up a poker room, called Prestige Card House in June of 2017.  They only charge $5/day and $6/hr.  The lowest cost in town, so I will be checking these guys soon.  Call (347) 850-3730 for more information.  UPDATE: The Prestige Card House removed the $5/day and now charges $8/hr.  I have played here a few times and have not lost yet.