Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fox 7 Interview on Pflugerville Sharing Camera Program

Pflugerville Police Department is partnering with residents who own a home surveillance camera system to help solve crimes and keep their community safe.

The public is invited to register online for Pflugerville’s Digital Neighborhood Watch program (  to notify police that they have an exterior-facing surveillance camera. Participation in the voluntary program does not grant the Police Department direct remote access to any cameras on private property, but instead residents may voluntarily add their name to a list to be kept on file so the department knows who to contact if a crime does take place in an area to see if footage is available.

“By having a database of homeowners that have surveillance cameras readily accessible to detectives and patrol, we can save hours by not needing to canvass neighborhoods looking for residents with security cameras that may have useful footage,” said Sgt. Jared Bruno. “Residents are not always aware that their system may have captured information that could help solve a crime that occurred nearby,  but having a list of contacts who have potentially vital footage can help us close a case or identify a suspect.”

PPD has used surveillance footage recently to make several identifications and arrests, especially with the additional help of social media. The footage can aid in the investigation of package thefts, burglaries of vehicles and homes, criminal mischief, evading suspects and more.

After registering their camera, residents will only be contacted by the department if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of their security camera. At that time, police may request to view the camera footage in order to assist in the investigation. Officers will not have any direct access to participant surveillance systems or private home cameras.

 “As individuals continue to realize how difficult it is to get away with criminal activity, it can only make our community safer,” said Chief Jessica Robledo. “Having the capability to work directly with our residents to solve crime is something we greatly value as a police agency serving Pflugerville. I hope residents with surveillance systems will sign up and help us fight crime.”

To register your address in the Digital Neighborhood Watch Program, please visit