Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Job Offer in the Works

Been working another new opportunity with a company called Apriso.  They do MES software, just like my current company.  They serve more industries than just Electronics.  The position is for a Solutions Consultant.  I would learn their software tool and configure the software for various clients.

I have interviewed with the hiring Manager, Architect, and two Program Managers.  The job was on  Someone from Monster emailed me and I just disregarded the initial email the first time, seeing that the position was in Long Beach, CA.  After the 2nd email I decided to reply since I noticed it was actually a remote position.  I just need to be near an airport and they would fly me out to customer sites.

After an initial screening with the Monster rep I was sent to HR at Apriso.  After the HR interview I had a couple video conference interviews, a phone interview and one face to face interview.  All went well.  On July 11th, they flew me out to Long Beach for a final run of interviews.  The very next day, the HR manager made me a verbal offer.  It was more money than my current job and more benefits.  I would start contributing to a 401k plan again and all the other typical big company benefits.

I wanted to say that I beat the odds with this job.  This job was posted on and I have been looking for about a year now.  They say that only 2-3 percent of people actually find a job on the major online job boards.  That is because for most jobs they have over 100-500 people applying.  This puts the odds of you getting a job online, very low.  Does it happen? sure and now say that it happen for me, but keep in mind that the odds are still low and most people usually find jobs by referral or networking and many times the job is never posted online.