Thursday, September 7, 2017

Getting Free Stuff By Being a Amazon Reviewer

Been getting allot of free stuff lately on Amazon.  I sign up to a Facebook group called Amazon Reviewer And Buyers &Amaozn Super Deals Sellers post stuff for free or reduced pricing, in exchange for you to buy their products and give a review.

There is also another Facebook group called Amazon Peak Reviews.  It works in a similar fashion, but you need to review 4 items, before they trust you enough to pay you back right away with PayPal.

Most of these suppliers are from China and they know that positive reviews are what sells on Amazon.  They use to give out codes to get stuff, but Amazon was cracking down on the practice.  We should all be watchful for fake reviews.  You can use this site or to check any product for being fake.

Here is the play book to get free items:
  1. You need to PM(Personal Message) the seller that you want to review an item 
  2. They will ask for your Amazon profile, to see how your existing reviews
  3. They will ask if you have a PayPal account
  4. If they like what they see, they will offer you a rebate or incentive
  5. Most of the times you need to purchase from Amazon with your credit card
  6. Give them the order number
  7. The seller will pay you back thru your PayPal account.  I give my PayPal.Me link and get the funds immediately.   
  8. Sometimes they will give you a code that you can use to get the item for very cheap.  

Below are all the items I have gotten pretty much for free.  The drone I got for $10.  Most of these items are fulfilled by Amazon and on Amazon Prime, so I get them in 2 days and since the companies are based in China, no sales tax!