Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top iPhone Apps

It has been about a month and a half with my new iPhone and I have installed over 150 apps. I tried to get the best of the best apps, but there are just to many to use them all the time. So here is my list of the top most used and useful iPhone Apps for me: - This is the first site you should visit to install the JailBreak software expoit. It only works on iOS 4.0.1 or lower. It exploits a hack in the browser to jailbreak your phone and allow any 3rd party software to be installed on your phone. Without this patch, you can only install Apple approved software and this really limits the potential of your iPhone. (Update! New jailbreak Limera1n has been released for version 4.1 -> here is a nice video that explains how to do it. Keep in mind this only works on iphone with the old bootroom. 3GS phones with the new bootrom will not easily be jailbroken. There are some jail breaks out there, but as of this writing they are all "tethered" meaning after you reboot your iphone, you will need to re jailbreak your phone.)

Cydia - This is the first app that is automatically installed after you jailbreak your phone. It contains many hacks and other useful software to really take advantage of your iPhone. Below are all Cydia only apps that I use the most! Make sure you add SinFul Repo site to Cydia for all the cracked apps at -- >

Ultrasn0w - Unlock Phone Service Hack - You apply this code to allow your iPhone to be used on any GSM network like Tmobile or Simple Mobile. I am using my iPhone on Simple Mobile for $60/month, unlimited calls, text and data!
Five Icon Dock - This allows 5 rows of icon instead of the normal 4 rows, check out the picture above for how my main screen looks! I can really pack in more programs on one page then the standard Apple layout screen provides. Also install Five-Column SpringBoard to get 5 columns of icons instead of 4!
LockInfo - This useful hack allows a bigger clock and a preview of messages on your lock screen. I have it simulating the HTC interface with a big clock, weather and small previews of emails, text messages and twitter updates.
Installous - This is another program similar to the App Store, but it contains all free programs for the iPhone. You do need a jail broken iPhone, but once you got this app, you can pretty much get anything for free.
MyWi 4.0 - This Cydia app, allows me to tether my iPhone to my computer. I can use my iPhone's Internet connection on my laptop thru WiFi or USB cable. I find the USB cable more fast, but the WiFi sharing is nice to0
Multifl0w - This Cydia app shows for a really cool preview of all apps running in the background. It replaces the multitasking switching app from Apple, which only shows the icon.

Trapster - This can be found in the Apple App Store. It Logs and view other peoples reports of Police radar spots.
Navigon Mobile Navigator - The Best GPS for the iPhone. It costly, but you can find it for free in Installous.