Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday Deals

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The Laws of Probability Finally Kick In

It's been a tough November for me.  After a record October and six winning sessions in a row, I went on a bad run.  I had 3 losing sessions in a row, for a total loss of $800.  I wasn't playing badly, but had plenty of bad beats and suck outs, when I was way ahead pre-flop.  I think my biggest mistake was not folding when I was knew I was beat.  Folding is the hardest part of the game, especially when there is nothing obvious to be afraid of on the board.

Anyways, it finally broke on Saturday night when I finally started hitting my sets and taking it down!  I did have to fold Aces once after my continuation bet was re-raised $100 by Mr. Cho.  The board was 7J10 and Mr. Cho said he flopped the nuts.  

I had two red Aces again that night and some new guy flopped top set of Queens on me.  Same thing, he came over the top of my continuation bet 3x, but this time I was stubborn and refused to fold my Aces.  Luckily for me the turn was a King of hearts and that slowed him down.  He said he had put me on Kings or Aces.  The turn was a King of heart and he checked, the river was another heart and so I had the nuts.  It was a suck out, but the best hand did win...

At the end of the night I was up over $700.  I cashed out exactly $700 after using up my white chips on some speculative hands.  I had a net profit of $500 for the night and $300 for the weekend.  I will take that win and hopefully the laws of statistics finally start coming around.  I cant lose in the long run since I only play the best hands.  I'm like a Casino, I get my money eventually.. LOL...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Giving Some Back.

Well, I managed to lose my stack last night. I should have known that I couldn't win, when the only hands that I won with were rags and all my premium hands didn't hold up. I had 6 straight winning sessions, so it was not to unexpected for me to lose. That is how poker is sometimes. Some days you just cant win.

I started out fast building my stack up quickly. I had my roommates Jonathan and Rachel playing at another table last night too. I overheard them talking about King-6 and how it was someone's favorite hand. Well, I'm in the big blind and what do you know I have King 6. Well the flop was K108. The turn was a 6 and river a 6, I just boated. Nicole was in the hand with me and paid me off. Now I am up about $70.

Black Aces Cracked: Not five minutes later and I look down at two black Aces. I'm in middle position and raise $20. A Latino guy calls and Nicole calls. The flop is 8810, both of the callers check to me and I bet $50. Both callers now call again. The turn is a Jack. Both players check again, so I think for a moment and check. The river is another Jack and the Latino goes all in for around $90. Nicole folds and I think for a minute. What the heck does this guy have? I know he is a tight player. So I fold my Aces. He shows quad 8888s and asked me if I had Queens, I flip over my Aces! I'm happy I loss the minimum (which was $70 my winnings with K6..), but that was a sick hand!

20 minutes later I get a small blind special, 10-4 suited. It was a limped pot and I turned the flush. One guy had top set and Nicole hit a straight on the river to pay me off. That made my stack back up to around $270 again.

The Bad laid down, but right move: Blair comes to play at our table and she has around $100. He plays pretty tight so I try to respect her bets. Well she is in early position and goes all-in for $100. Mr. Cho thinks for a while and calls. I look down at pocket Jacks, think for a while and fold em. Everyone else folds. I figure I could only beat pocket 10s and with Mr. Cho in there with maybe a big Ace, I cant beat 2 hands. Well, Blair had pocket 10s and Mr. Cho also had Jacks! Blair hit her set on the flop and takes down the entire pot. I guess I made the right move in the long run, but it was sick. I should have known at this time my good hands just weren't going to hold up.

Small blind special bust : So I have 56 in the small blind and everyone limps in. The flop is 347, rainbow, I just flopped the nuts! I bet $8 into the $8 pot. I get 2 callers. The turn is a 5 and I bet $20 to see where Im at. Ed calls and a new guy re-raises to $60. I call $40 more. The river is a King and I check and Ed checks. The guy bets $100. I hope he only has a 6 for a chop and I call. He says, "the nuts..," shows 68 and I lose about $170. The moral to the story is to protect your hand dont let those gut shots, draw out on you, even if you happen to flop the nuts!

I am down to around $70 and add-on for $100. I get pocket Jacks again and raise to $20. Nicole calls and the flop is 689. I bet out $35 and she calls. The turn is an 8, Nicole checks and I bet $50. The river is an Ace and also makes the flush. Nicole pushes me all-in and I fold. She shows 78, she hit trip 888s on me.

Busting out: I have only $47 left. I look down at pocket 88s and call a $7 raise. Someone bumps to $40 and we get 4 callers, so I call. The flop is 457 and Nicole bets out $50. I call with my over pair and remaining $7. Nicole shows 57 and I go home a loser for the night....