Thursday, February 12, 2015

My New Car - Lexus GS 450h

It was time to replace my LS 400.  I got a little money from my totalled car and started looking for a new Lexus.  I have had great success with my RX 400h and wanted to get another Hybrid.  Usually it does not pay to buy a new Hybrid.  The added cost really is not a good return on investment, but buying one a few years old is a smart choice.  The increase mileage is not super high, but it is significant and everything little bit helps.

I decided on the GS 450h.  It is the Lexus' sport's sedan model   One notch lower than the LS line.  The GS a bit more sporty than the LS, but also has a little less room than the LS model.  It is rated to get 22-25MPG and I have been able to get 26-27 MPG by inflating the tires on the high side and driving efficiently as possible.