Sunday, January 4, 2015

New 55 Gallon Fish Tank

I finally broke down and decided to get a house pet.  A neighbor was giving away his 55 gallon freshwater fish tank and we took it.  It had 5 Angelfish in it and a sucker fish (plecostomus catfish).  Unfortunately the Angelfishes didn't make it a week.  Only the Pelco made it.  We found out our tap water had high Ammonia and Nitride in it using a test kit.  You can also get a free water test at any PetSmart or PetCo store.  

I also 'cleaned' the filter, which I learned later was probably a bad idea since I killed good bacteria that is needed to absorb the Ammonia from the fish waste.  So I had to wait for the filter to regenerate itself before adding fish.  I could not wait so I purchased Nitra-Zorb which will absorb ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.  It seem to work, within a day of placing the pouch in my filter all 3 items measured zero.  Now I first added 2 Clown loaches to the tank.  We had pond snails growing like crazy so I read that Clown Loach would eat them up and they did.  Most of the snails disappeared after a few days.  A few days later we decided to stock the tank and added 2 Crayfishs, 2 Blue Botia Loach, 2 Blue Mbuna, 2 Yellow Labs, and 2 Red Parrots.

Here is a picture 4 months later  with my Lytro camera.