Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Recognition to TCAD Board of Director

Last year, in December, I was nominated by the city of Pflugerville to our County Appraisal District Board of Directors.  This Board oversees the function of determining appraisals for in our County.  

My city of Pflugerville is part of 13 other taxing districts making up East Travis County.  Each city and ISD was able to make nominations.  We had 4 total nominations for East Travis County.  

I decided to do a mini campaign to reached out to each city council and school Board for its vote.  I emailed them all and went to the council meeting to ask for there support.  The other nominees, did not reach out, so because I showed up, I got the nod.  

On March 13th, the city of Pflugerville decided to recognize myself as a member of the Travis County Appraisal District Board of Directors representing eastern Travis County.