Monday, July 21, 2008

Life Update

(This was originally massed emailed to all my email contacts on 7-21-2008..)
Hello Friends and Family,

Sorry for the mass email, but this is the easiest way to get everyone up to date with my current contact information. For those of your who don't know yet, I have finally moved out of Michigan to Texas after 15 years in Michigan between college and work life. I had to get a new email address, since Comcast does not service the Austin, TX area. So my new email address is Please update your records. My Comcast email account will eventually be cancelled.

My cell phone number is staying the same as well as my home phone number. My home phone is actually an Internet Vonage phone line that is being forwarded to my mobile number. Just use my mobile phone and you should always be able to call me or text message me.

Here is a summary of what's happened in my life recently: After over 11 years at my first company, right after college, the company finally let me go. My company wasn't profitable and losing millions of dollars for over 10 years. it needed to be restructured, again. I have probably been thru 5 of these "restructurings" in the years prior and this year my number was finally up. I was pretty prepared for it, since I seen my boss go suddenly, the Vice President go and a number of other high level Director position being eliminated. I probably should have left long ago, but the experience was great and I learned allot. If you ever want to learn a broad area of things, work for a small company. It was probably one of the best decision I have ever made.

I found a job at a small software company based in Austin, TX called, Optimal Electronics . They create software to help electronics manufactures' be more productive and efficient. I was in the middle of recommending there solution at my previous company. They had a position open up and I took it. The job requires some traveling and since I enjoy seeing the world and visiting various companies, I decided to take it. I just had to just relocate to Austin, TX in 30 days.

Luckily, Austin is one of the best big cities in the USA to live in. Just look it up on google. And if you are a high tech worker, it is the home of many high technology companies. If this small company doesn't work out, then I'm sure I would be able to find something else fairly easily in the area. I still have my homes in Michigan and trying to sell my primary residency. My other 2 houses are fully rented out, so I'm not to worried about them. If anyone wants a great house on the Golf Course let me know. You can check out the listing here, it is for sale or lease. Michigan isn't the best place to buy a home now, but I'm hoping for the best. Actually, I have a potential lease to own offer on the table right now.. Hopefully it goes thru. Wish me luck...

So far Austin has been great and the job is exciting. There are a ton of places to eat here. Austin has the most restaurants per capital of any city in the USA. That is good for me, since I love to eat out. My main hobby is Texas Hold'em Poker and while its illegal in Texas (kind of ironic?) I am able to find home games and can meet new people all the time and make new friends. I have meet one special friend and she has really helped me out a ton with adjusting to the new life style. We have allot in common and its nice to know someone like that down here. I do miss all my old friends and family, so keep in touch and contract me to get more detailed information. I am looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Below is my current address information: (It may change again soon after I settle my Michigan home situation, but is good right now 7-21-2008)

Anthony Nguyen <--- Note new email address
PO Box 27348
Austin, TX 78755
Work:(512) 372-3415
Cell: (810) 287-0563
Home: (810) 235-3776
IM MSN & AOL: nguyen1972
Yahoo ID: anthonydonnellye