Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cracking Pocket Aces!

Its been a while since I won at Poker (five sessions...just a really bad run), but last night was a +$500 night! I knew at some point I would start winning again and it would be with avengence. It could have been another really early night, after I picked up pocket Kings in the Big Blind. A guy in early position limps in for $2 and a few other call. I bump it to $25 and he pushes all-in for over $500. He had me covered, since I just started and I had about $200 in-front of me. I consider for a second if he could have pocket Aces and if he would have limped in like that. I put him on AK and call. The flop spikes a King and I throw down my top set!. He shows me pocket Aces! Whoops, bad call, but he should not have slow played. I might have folded pre-flop if he raised and re-raised my re-raise. Instead he played weak and became week, a classic poker mistake.

A few minutes later I get pocket Aces under the gun so I raise to $20. Only the guy to my left calls. The flop is K-10-3 and I bet $30. The guy re-raises me to $70 and I smooth call. The turn is a Jack and I quickly check. He checks! The river is a rag like a 8 and I figure I have to be good, so I value bet $50. The guy pushes all-in for another $150! It seems like an over bet that he doesn't want me to call, so I call! He says "you must be good I have a king.." and show my Aces. Now my stack is close to $700...

I play a little more hitting a set of 444s and getting pocket Kings 2 more times before deciding to call it quits after about 4 hours of play. I cashed out $735, that is about $133/hr. A very fortunate session for me and I can say, "yes it is better to be lucky then good." And when you are lucky you better be good by quiting while you are still ahead.